Eat At Culver’s


Culver'sFood is important to me.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat.  But, it is not just the eating that pleases me.  It is the types of food I like (Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Peruvian, Belizean, Dominican, etc.), and the types of restaurants I like.  I like unique places that have a “joint” feel.  Places that will make me glad I ate there.  I can now add another place to that list–Culver’s.

As many of you know this week I walked through the death of one of our students, Erika Schwager.  It was a tragic event that I hope not to go through in a long time.  Erika was an employee of Culver’s Restaurant in Urbandale, IA.  On Sunday morning, the owners of Culver’s in the Des Moines area declared that Wednesday and Thursday of this week are “Erika Days”, all profits from those two days will go to Erika’s family to pay for medical and burial costs.

As I write this I am in a packed Culver’s restaurant with lawyers, bankers, teachers, pastors, soldiers and all types of people.  The line is 20 people deep and no one seems to mind.  The Culver’s employees all have smiles on their faces and the owner comes and shakes my hand saying thanks for coming out.

There are a lot of restaurants out there, but few would go to the measure of Culver’s.  I suggest everyone who reads this go to their nearest Culver’s and get the Double Deluxe.  Plus, butter makes everything better.

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