Mangos in the Hot Sun


For lunch I took a mango outside to eat. There is something about eating something cold, sweet and juicy on a hot day. I’m not new to eating mangos. I have actually had quite a few over the years, and in some pretty incredible places like Belize, The British Virgin Islands, and Peru. When I was eating my mango today, in a not so beautiful paradise like Waukee, I began to think about how satisfying a mango is to so many people across the world. Tens of thousands of people are partaking in a juicy mango right now all around the globe. They are being satisfied by something simple that God created.

We forget sometimes that it is in the simplest things that God satisfies our needs. We don’t always have eyes to see that God provides our needs. We usually bring him our wants. Our list of things that we want him to accomplish for us. But, when we sit back and see how God supplies our needs we will see that he is much more nonchalant. He gives us what will sustain us. He gives us what will bring us joy. He gives us joy in the little things.

So, try it. Try taking a simple piece of fruit and sitting in the hot sun and enjoying the simplicity of God’s provision. As you do, you are most certainly joining people around the globe doing the same thing.

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