The Ol’ Light Pole


Summer Pictures 009Seth Grows Up 004Back to School 129Back to School 141IMG_0869IMG_1083.JPGIMG_1218IMG_1466IMG_1541IMG_0098IMG_1749IMG_1041IMG_0096IMG_1542We’ve been sending our kids to school for too many years it seems. We, like most parents, have taken pictures of them as they walk/drive away from our loving care into the hands of strangers.  I thought it would be fun if I posted their shots over the years.

Something of a spiritual note, though, for you to think about. At first we would just take their pictures out on the steps, but as you see they soon posed every year next to the light pole in our front yard. They have come to expect to get their pictures taken by it every year. The symbolic idea of my kids walking to the light before their first day of school delights me. We have chosen to send our kids to public school so they would share the light of Christ with the world. We understand that they are at risk…but they are not ours. They our God’s. We want them to be light pole’s of God’s light to a dark world. Every year we have be subliminally and ceremonially imparting this to them.

“You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14IMG_0238


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One thought on “The Ol’ Light Pole

  1. Terri Stanford

    It’s so nice to see the beautiful transition of the kids over the years. Thanks for sharing. ? …yet crazy to think its the last year at home for our girls (then it’s Myles). Time has flown! I’d barely recognize Seth; he must’ve grown a foot last year. I’ve been the shortest in the family for awhile now. LOL. ? Say hi to everyone from us, we miss you all!

    Love, Terri

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