Simply Saying Thanks


This morning I feel an incredible amount of thankfulness to God. It is so easy in this day an age for a person to line up their own accomplishments and bask in the self-reliance that it takes to stay alive, healthy, wealthy and wise. I have done and seen a lot in my lifetime, but today I am compel to recognize the One who has gone before me, and will be there behind me.

I’m thankful for so many things that are absolutely out of my control:

  • My physical health
  • My family
  • My friendships with people who care about me undeservingly
  • My church and its mission
  • My community and its values
  • My future hope

None of these were created or put in motion by me. In fact they don’t have anything to do with who I am. Truthfully, I do more to deconstruct these things in my life than to build them up. So, I’m thankful. And, not like birthday gift thankful. You know, like when you get a gift for your birthday–you know that you could have bought it yourself.

Instead I am Picasso painting thankful. By this I mean that I have been been things that I could never create on my own–like a Picasso painting. God has created a beautiful, meaningful work of art to me, and given it to me undeservingly.

Thank you God!

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