Fear Defined


On most occasions when I read Tweets I role my eyes at the fortune cookie philosophical and spiritual advice that people give (including me!). However recently I read a simple definition of FEAR written by @GarrherSampson that had me thinking for a while.

Fear is vision without optimism. When all you see is everything that can go wrong all you act on is what can destroy you.

What intrigued me is that fear is actually foreseeing a bleak future instead of a positive one. Fear, like @GarrhetSampson says is VISION.

The reason I was so enthralled with this concept is that there are times I let fear be my motivating factor for doing something, sometimes without even realizing it.

  • I am fearful that a person might not like a decision I also make as a pastor, so I push it off
  • I am fearful that I will be obsolete in my role as husband and father so I dig an emotional foxhole and hide out in it.
  • I am fearful that I would lead a church in the wrong direction so I don’t lead them at all.

These are just a fear of the ways that I set a vision of fear around me.

For so long I was taught that vision was this great a mighty thing that leaders used to propel people toward an amazing future, however, I see that fear can also be used for the same thing. Isn’t that how we are being led this political season? Aren’t we being forced by both candidates to think fearfully about our futures and trust them to overcome the fears that they have created in our minds?

I will be examining my fears–looking deep into what gives me pause, what changes my direction, and what gets me running away. Once I know them, I can face them with true leadership, truth and confidence in an optimistic future.

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