Fair and Square


As I’ve watched news coverage post-election of President Elect Donald Trump it has been interesting to see their take on their own coverage of the Clinton and Trump campaigns. They still seem stunned that this is happening and many believe it’s because of the two reasons.

First, the celebrity status of Trump is said to “transcend media”. He has over 39 million followers on different social mediums. In one tweet he can spread more news than CNN and NBC combined.  There are articles on how much was written about Trump in comparison to any of the other Republican candidates or Hillary Clinton. Trump used even negative media attention to his benefit. Now it seems as if the media is sorry they used Trump’s status to boost ratings because in actuality they were promoting him.

Secondly, the collective media seems to center their hate on CNN and the New York Times who both boldly proclaimed that Donald Trump had a tupe’s chance in a hurricane of being in the White House come January. The NYT proclaimed with charts and projections that would make a bookie drool. Their front page looked more like a sports book board in Las Vegas than a newspaper website. At one time Trump had less than a 5% chance of winning according to their graph. He was also the least likely of all the Republican candidates (according to their multi-colored graph) to have a chance to beat Clinton. CBS, MSNBC, ABC, and CNN all stood behind the NYT and their projections which is why they all looked so flabbergasted on election night.

I have argued for quite some time that the media was quickly becoming the 4th branch of U.S. government. Their power was becoming too emboldened. Perhaps this recent demonstration of the news actually losing its investigative edge and becoming more editorialized will reboot the news media. However I don’t think it will happen because people tune in to hear bad news and television reporting has become sensationalized celebrities spouting bipartisan talking points which is just as culpable for tearing this country apart as our two party system. Tune in and see.

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