How to Have a Tough Day


Tough days are something we all have from time to time. The key is: How do you handle them? Here are a couple of quick tips in how to have expected tough days that won’t keep you down.

  1. Wake up early for it. No point in trying to sleep through it. Meet it head on. There is something about being fully awake for a difficult day that prepares you for obstacles unlike just trying treat it like normal.
  2. Create alliances. When you know you have tough things to say, hard things to do, or difficult news to hear, it helps if there are others that are there to make it as painless as possible. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to hurt. Only that it will hurt considerably less.
  3. Admit that it’s tough. My toughest meetings have almost always been prefaced with “this isn’t going to be an easy meeting for you.” It sets the stage for the difficult journey that is required.
  4. Understand your “dark issues”. Are you a child of divorce with abandonment issues? Are you so afraid of conflict that you sweep everything under the carpet? Do you yell when you’re stressed? Know these things (and more) about yourself in trying times. Say them out loud in the midst of them. “I normally yell at times like these, but I want to have a calm tone with you…” or “I normally run from situations like this, but…”
  5. Ask for feedback.  Sometimes our perception isn’t what is exactly happening. Get others to give their input as to how the difficult situation is being handled.
  6. Seek love. The Bible is right that love “covers a multitude of sins.”  When we seek to show love in the midst of the worst situations it can only be beneficial.  Even more that being understood or agreeing, feeling love and showing love can get you through some pretty tough stuff.

So, next time you’re preparing for a bad day, think of a couple of these and I know it will help.

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