Beggar’s Night Joke


If you are not from the Des Moines area, then you have probably never heard of Beggar’s Night.  It is an invention by a school teacher to get Halloween off of October 31st. So, around Des Moines, on October 30th, kids come out and Trick-or-Treat for candy.

It not really something I embrace. Mostly because the actual holiday of Halloween the streets are empty and it feels like some kind of apocalyptic event took place taking all the children and their parents.  The houses are decorated for Halloween, but there are no kids or parents walking the streets. It’s just weird.

However, as part of Beggar’s Night (again, a made up holiday to make Halloween less scary), the kids are supposed to use humor instead of fear. So, every kid who comes to the door rarely says, “Trick or Treat”, but says, “Want to hear my joke?”  I kid you not! So, the host home listens to the corniest jokes that the kids have found from outdated joke books are their school library, or from Highlights magazine they read at their family dentist office. I don’t know how many countless fake “ha ha’s” I have thrown out to make myself not look like the mean ol’ man on 42nd Street.

But this year a kid got me. Karla was told a joke by a young costumed ghoul that actually gave me a chuckle. Now, I am going to share it with you.

Question: What has a bottom at the top?

Answer: Legs!

Feel free to use that when your community decides that Halloween shouldn’t be scary.


Here’s another joke to get you ready for next year:

Question: Why did the bike fall over?

Answer: Because it was two tired.

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