It’s Not a Socky Gift, So Ask For Some!


One of my favorite things are creative socks. In fact, if you are looking for a great gift to give me, try these two:

There is something about creative socks that gets a smile on my face. Maybe it’s because something exciting is going on undetected. Or, maybe I just like a splash of color in my life. The attention doesn’t hurt, of course. And, it sets me apart from all those mono-chromed sockers out there.

You don’t have to break the bank, either. Even though both of these sites have expensive socks, you just have to wait for the deals. Styles go out of style, so you just have to be patient. The picture with all the socks is around $20 of socks (including shipping). Plus, get your mother-in-law to get them as Christmas presents. They like making you happy and adding a little color to your life, too.

No matter what brand you get, make sure when you get into wearing great socks they have the following attributes.

  1. Padded: Your feet deserve it
  2. Mix and match colors. I love wearing 2 different socks from 2 different pairs
  3. Ankle height (or higher)
  4. Machine washable. Believe it or not some socks have special washing instructions.
  5. Inside jokes. This isn’t a must, but it’s nice to have a sock set that means something that not everyone gets.

Put it on your Christmas list. You won’t regret. it.

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