Top 10 Christmas Necessities


Christmas traditions for every family vary. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, others on Christmas Day. Some families observe the Christmas Pickle tradition, others Secret Santa. Here at the Barker household we have a few traditions that we’ve picked up over the years that make Christmas very special to our family

  1. Sleep in: we don’t need to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to spend time together. It’s a long enough day as it is.
  2. Eat breakfast first. We always have a very special breakfast made by Karla that gets everyone warm in the heart and belly.
  3. Pajamas: we all sit around the Christmas tree in our pjs. Slippers, hats and robes are a-plenty
  4. Seth the Christmas elf: Seth always hands out the gifts. Maybe it just gives him something to do
  5. Youngest goes first: we open our gifts youngest to oldest (again, giving Seth something to do)
  6. Slow opens: with just four of us, we try to take our time opening gifts. We talk, share stories and laugh about Christmas debacles past.
  7. Clean as you go: I had to learn this from Karla, but we put the wrappings in the garbage bags (prepped and ready) as we unwrap each gift.
  8. Santa gift: we have one gift each year that comes from Santa for the kids. It’s usually the “wow” gift of the lot. This is when the picture is taken.
  9. No pictures, but one: we aren’t a photo-capturing family. Karla and I never got into photography, selfies or family Christmas photos. So, we usually take 2-3 pics tops of the event. Mostly it is of the Santa gift so we remember not to buy the same thing next year!
  10. Hugs: we end every Christmas with huge loving hugs, thanking everyone who got us a gift.

These are probably not like your traditions, but I’m glad. Your traditions are yours because of the time and energy you have spent making them. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some stockings to stuff!

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