About Me


I was born in the Quad Cities. In fact, I have lived in all four of them at some time in my life. I had a unique family upbringing (blended and extended), but I learned early on the importance of people, love, and hospitality. All of these were represented in a Christ-like manner through my parents.

I moved to St. Paul, MN for college to study media communication. I knew I had a face for radio. But, it was an internship in the summer of 1989 that changed the direction of my life. On the south-side of Chicago, I served as an inner-city missionary. I was reconnected with the importance of people once again. I went back to college that fall and directed my life toward people and not programming.

Over the next 27 years I gave myself to over to serving others in some capacity or another. I recognized their need for acceptance, love, generosity, and care. It has been my desire to make that my life’s calling.

With Karla, my amazing and supportive wife, I have seen incredible things in the lives of people–unbelievable things. It has been a privilege to have a front-row seat to a Creator’s love for His people. It is something I will never take for granted.