Audubon, IA


I came across this guy in Audubon (pronounced “Ah-duh-bin”) this last weekend. I had to pull over and take his picture. I didn’t know that Albert was such a celebrity. I later found out that he has been featured in a Super Bowl commercial from Cenex. I didn’t know he was so famous. Just one more reason to stop in a small town and enjoy the sites.

Sound Smarter


This poster I just encountered recently reminds me that it doesn’t take much to make yourself look ignorant. No matter what, though, the key is trying. Too often, for fear of looking stupid, I refuse to attempt new things. What I liked about this poster is that it can be fun trying.

Day Nine: Wild West Tour


What a change in pace from our other 8 days. We got to sleep in, lay around at the pool, and take walks on the strip. Everyone is starting to talk about what they are going to be doing when they get back, especially Grace–who got a brand new job while she was on the Wild West Tour.

 Karla and Vegas go hand in hand. It has lots of weird folk, and she likes people watching. All the PB&J sandwiches have been eaten, so tonight we’re heading to a chef Ramsay restaurant.

 The Blue Man Group concludes our evening.