Why .ORG?


org_logo.svgWhen buying a website the most frequent domain type is .COM. It’s what everyone uses.  It’s easy to remember and it’s the standard operating way people think of websites. So, a lot of people ask me, “why are you brandonbarker.org?”  I’m not an organization (or a company for that matter), but there is a reason why.

My entire post-college career has been in non-profit organizations. I started out working with Catholic Charities (St. Joseph’s Home for Children specifically), then the rest or my employments have been with churches. Even the part-time janitorial positions I have taken over the early years of my life were at churches. So, I think of myself as a .ORG type of person. I am not trying to make it big, or gain clout. I’m just trying to help people. BRANDON BARKER.ORG helps me remember that.